Our Company

About Us

R. Neto S.A. was founded in 1969 and since then it has managed WEGA’s interests in all of Latin America. Our production and sales target the auto-parts market for cars, trucks and bikes, supplying that demand with a broad range of products.


Between techs, professionals and workers we have a combined workforce of more than a 120 employees distributed along our three manufacturing facilities, which are located in Lomas del Mirador (the biggest, with a size of 6.500 m2), Buenos Aires and La Plata.


Our company's Quality Management System has been certified by ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & IATF 16949 regulations and has an extensive network of distributors covering the entire national territory. We also have a strong presence in Brazil with two subsidiaries in the cities of Recife and Camboriu, and through our product exports, in the rest of the Mercosur countries and worldwide.


WEGA has established and consolidated itself as a leading company in the international car-parts market.
More than 40 years after its foundation and with a strong track record, this once family company has become a powerhouse exports brand that invests in Argentina, creating new opportunities now and for the future of new generations.

Our Mission

To manufacture and sell the most complete range of filters, spark plugs, lights and horns for light and heavy automobiles, road construction and agricultural machinery. This way we ensure the continuous improvement of our productive, commercial and administrative processes and we get quality and productivity levels that uphold the most demanding international standards, allowing us to respect the environment in which we live.

Our Vision

To position and consolidate our brand, WEGA, as an international leading quality brand, based on a sustainable development.

Our Values

These are the ethical principles on which R. Neto SA bases its corporate culture, allowing us to create our own patterns of behavior:
Teamwork / Respect / Excellence / Hard Work / Responsibility

Quality Assurance

R. Neto SA, the owner of the WEGA brand for Latin America and the company dedicated to the manufacturing and marketing of oil, air and fuel filters, lights, lamps and horns, manifests through this policy the commitment to continuously improve its processes, respecting the environment, with the goal of increasing customer satisfaction.

For the board members and anyone who is a part of R. Neto S.A, this compromise means the following:

To direct our efforts to the continuous improvement of our Management System processes for each work station.

To identify and understand our client’s expectations, measure their perceptions and implement the necessary upgrades to increase their satisfaction.

To comply with the defined requirements in our quality statements in order to guarantee the highest standards for our products and services.

To have a tight grip on waste management to prevent pollution.

To provide continuous and permanent training to our entire work force to guarantee that everyone has the necessary skills and expertise to perform the job, thus enhancing personal and professional development.

R. Neto S.A. shares this policy with all of its employees and with anyone working on our behalf or outsourced. This policy is also available for the general public for transparency purposes.


ISO 9001


ISO 14001


IATF 16949